International patients

Dentistry outside INDIA is extremely expensive and cosmetic dentistry is just skyrocketing.

India has become a favoured destination, for tourists, not just for its esthetic topography and mystical Arts & Culture but also for Dental / Medical Tourism. The cost of treatment and Dental Insurance being the major contributing factors. In most developed / Western countries, dental insurance coverages are low where as the cost of treatment remains exorbitant, thus remaining very expensive and inaccessible to the public at large. In comparison, the cost of Dental Treatment in a country like India is comparitively much lesser and at the same time provides the same quality of care.

Here in DENTACARE we do offer the same quality of cosmetic dentistry by overseas trained dentist in much affordable cost. Along with that you have the added bonus of visiting a beautiful country with its wide variety of demographic features.

So next time you are planning a holiday, come to INDIA and make your holiday worth a million dollar smile.

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